Who benefited from 9/11? According to the official account, the conspiracy received no help from any government or corporation. Unfortunately, this explanation fails to address most of the critical questions. In fact, the reports that constitute the official account do so little to explain what happened that we know very little about who was behind the attacks.

What should have happened that did not, and what did happen that should not have?

• The many opportunities for U.S. intelligence agencies to track down and stop the alleged hijackers should have resulted in the attacks being stopped before 9/11.

• The four planes should not have been hijacked because the systems in place to prevent hijackings should have been effective.

• The U.S. chain of command should have responded to the attacks immediately but it did not.

• The U.S. national air defense should have responded effectively and some, if not all, of the hijacked aircraft should have been intercepted by military jets.

• The three WTC buildings should not have fallen through the path of what should have been the most resistance.

Another Nineteen addresses these unexplained aspects of 9/11. It also highlights critical evidence related to Flight 77 and the Pentagon, Flight 93, and 9/11 insider trading.